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   Architecture, like music, is something very personal that resonates uniquely from individual to individual. Cornerstone Architects believes that when listening is combined with talent, skill, and experience, a creative link is formed. Throughout the design process we hold ourselves to a spirit of simplicity, recognizing that doing so is a rigorous task. Whatever the desires of our clients and their criteria may be, the components for a well executed design remain consistent. At the core of our philosophy, are various relationships; the connection of landscape to structure, our clients needs expressed in thoughtful artistic design. The combination of these elements including accessibility, service, a deep rooted respect for nature, are the principles that nurture our design achievements and inspire our passion for good architecture.



   E. Fay Jones, a great American architect from the 20th century, once wrote that an architect’s responsibility is, “to be a respectful mediator between the world of man and nature.”  We are fortunate to live, work and play in a coastal environment where we can enjoy the benefits of the ocean and mountains that give shape, form and substance to our physical sense of place and well being. The interplay between the great outdoors, our personal aspirations and dreams provides the framework for finding the delightful design solutions that reside in the challenge and problem of harmonizing man and nature. This process is an exciting and rewarding one.  Business infused with trust and confidence between client and architect paves the way by evolving a relationship into a friendship. This is the key to a successful project. In residential architecture, family is at the heart. By listening, interpreting a client’s dreams, knowing that memories will be embedded in the scale and proportions of a home unique to the individuals living there, the architect can educate (as a friend) and raise awareness of the possibilities beyond preconceived ideas. Whether the project is a new home, remodel, place of business or public building, the principles remain the same. The importance of authenticity, beauty of scale and materials when combined with the overarching precept of nature will create a nurturing environment supportive of intimacy, art, substance and sustainability. Fay Jones got it right.

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